Idea Me Us

is dedicated to ideas and discussion that will cross institutional, social, and politiclal boundaries. This is a creative blog that explores the interaction of faith, design, culture, art, human performance, wellness and social movements as a means to advancing culture and communities.

Of particular interest to me are the topics of:

Environmental Design

Discussions include sustainable architecture, urban design, urban development, zoning, economics of development, urban architecture, civic planning, civic leadership, and demographic shifts.

Health and Wellness

Topics here will tap into my years of  experience in communicating with the world of evidence based medicine and pharmaceuticals. It will also leverage significant experience and training as a coach and leader in sport, and fitness.

Faith and Reason

This topic is informed from a pursuit, in my adult life, of an understanding of what it means to live as a Christian in a secular culture. Posts will seek to connect faith to the “public square” but also to the consequences that are implied by our views to our development as fully mature and whole persons; physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Art,  Music, and Sport – Creatively Engaging Human Performance

The art of performance is one of the distinguishing aspects of humanity. My personal experience within these realms of life, has created a platform for exploration of human potential. Whether through allegorical reference, or fundamentals of mental and physical discipline, this blog will explore the potential of human performance and expression.

Ideally he concepts developed in this blog, should inspire action, in word and deed. Obviously this assumes that the authorship of this blog is not attempting to be the expert, but rather a catalyst of ideas, and vision, that can see what is, and propose what could be.

Below is an exploration of the proposed “way of being” for the content of the blog, and hopefully those who may happen upon it and engage in the conversation.


Ideas for Design, Culture, by me for us.

December 16, 2009

The name Idea me us, starts with the belief in the power of an idea.

It does not end there. We need to go further. An idea
needs to be shared, like music in a performance. With much of our
means of communications, we have learned to send, post, publish,
and Blog. We can also converse, conceptualize, and create new
realities. Ultimately, the creative concept that creates the vision
of a community must rise from a willingness of divided
interests uniting around common purposes and vision. … For now, it starts
with an idea …

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  1. ideameus says:

    Great, I will do some reading in depth next week. Meanwhile I posted on Ideameus, a link to your blog with a few comments.

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