A journey into seven.

“I am running”

Out the door with a frantic leap off the front step, across the lawn, and down the walk. An explosion of jubilation, energy, and motion.

Our walk together began with grandfather watching granddaughter from a distance.

Would you like to know what an Inukshuk is Madi?

                “No Grandpa, I know what a nook shook is” The interrupted dash resumes. 

– No lessons today grandpa, I am running! 

Hair flying, pink jacket flapping in the breeze of a warm Chinook wind. I still hear her laugh as I see her image in the empty curving walk ahead, retracing our adventures from the previous day.

Down the hill, free to determine her own speed and destiny.


At last recovery unites the walkers, and the journey renews. Beyond the pavement the mid-afternoon sun creates a haze with the dust from foothills, beckoning in the distance.  

“Tell me, what is different between one side of this street and the other?”  

At last a pause. To figure out the puzzle from grandpa, and the answer draws her to the sidewalk and another sprint..

Suddenly, running back to grandpa! Halloween decorations are a sudden surprise, to share. And now back to the trail, and our adventure. 

The path leads away from the busy streets and I am now on a journey across the years, to a seven year old boy running out the door and into the yard, toward the trees. The city fades, and I reflect how easy it was the pure joy of a sunny Saturday in October.

“You know you don’t have to stay on the paved path” No further words required as my fearless companion took her cue and the worn dirt path into the woods.

How different it is for her to take the route that would have been second nature to me, in freedom and fearlessness on the journey to imagination and confidence.

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One word changes everything…

We are enthralled by the efforts some enterprising young men take to have the woman of their dreams say this word. Billions are spent by companies on sales, marketing, and PR resources to get consumers to express the idea of it through their choices.

Our lives depend on others saying or acting on the idea of yes. Our destiny is often determined by the moments when we have said it, or wish we had.

The first step onto the high wire  of positive choice risks so much.

We overcome the fear, doubt, images of shame, and past defeat. Sometimes with abandon running fearlessly above the dark abyss below, no concern for safety nets or harnesses, confident of our skill and courage.

Dramatically, we take a tentative first step, balancing an extra load upon our backs, testing the wire ahead,  mastering each step with bravado tempered by carefully weighed movements, our pulse alone causing the tempest that threatens our demise.

We press on knowing our hope is in completion, in reaching out to the distant goal, focused on our journey, using our mind to force the agreement a heart may be too faint to accept. No turning back, full of commitment, powering past the dread. At last we reach our safe nest, secure enough to survey our journey. We stand as conquerors who no longer see the battle as we bask in the glory of our goal.

We have arrived because we started with yes, and met the anguish of the journey with a thousand times a yes. A yes to face our doubts, a yes to those who follow after, and a yes to trust path of those who came before.

This journey of commitment comforts no cynic as it builds homes, families, careers, art, social movements, enterprises, societies, and nations on the backs of dreams fulfilled.

The only path to knowing God is in a yes pursued like no other; fulfilling faith and love with its hopeful embrace.

Yes, it changes everything.

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Walk for Freedom

Standing at the phone booth in the greyhound bus terminal, Vancouver BC, on a beautiful hot July afternoon. I was a sixteen but looked all of 12 years old, because of my scrawny frame and skin tanned from working for the past month at a hotel on the Sunshine Coast. I was attempting to connect with the hippy-like den mother who was to host several of us for a weekend of hanging out and attending the Jethro Tull concert. By myself, as my co-workers and fellow celebrants had travelled a day earlier, I was hot, hungry, and had the pallor of a kid who had too many nights after work sharing drugs and listening to music with new found friends. On my third dime the phone was answered, and an address was being offered. At that moment a nice guy, a perfect stranger, came beside me and offered a pencil. It is a moment that I reflect upon as significant in what did not happen. It has stayed with me like one of the choices of pills in the Matrix movie, as I declined the offer. I avoided this act of generosity from a stranger and the events that could have led from it. I was one unanswered phone call or one offer of help taken, that may have led to a dramatically different course in my life.

This is how it often starts for victims of exploitation and human trafficking and why that moment has stayed with me.  At that moment the smallest of difference in my circumstance would have made me available to be dependent on either the nice guy at the bus terminal or my new found friends who went with me to theconcert. For young people every day in every city, their circumstance leads them on a path that quickly turns them into someone who is exploited by others, forcibly put to work in the sex trade, sweatshops or other forms of force labour. I have learned how gangs recruit young girls from summer vacations at the lake by giving them a ride on a “party boat”. Some in less than a week are on the streets of Vancouver or Calgary. People who sell other people take advantage of their weaknesses. Are they a vulnerable person with a debt that cannot be paid, or perhaps looking for romantic love and meet the wrong boyfriend? Often exploited people are lonely, without options, immigration status questionable, dependent on drugs or alcohol, suffering  from mental illness, homeless, or obligated to a family debt. This makes people of all ages candidates to join the over 27 million who are trafficked around the world.

Ivan is one of the people featured on the podcast we listened to during the walk freed from forced labour.

Thats why I walked on October 14, in the Walk for Freedom, a walk shared in 660 cities around the world. Its about the rest of us seeing that slavery and human trafficking are all around us. It shouldn’t be but it is….

When we moved back to Calgary ten years ago, my wife and I were on an intense search for a new home seeing 14 homes for sale in one day! One though was memorable in an unexpected way. The listing had shown that it was earning rent for owners at 3 times the level of similar homes. We wanted to see what made the home so valuable. We were shocked to discover that it was not the amenities of the house, but the dozens of Asian men who lived in the tiny rooms made with plywood walls that divided the house into small sections. I will also remember that I failed to act, to consider the possibility that these men were not there of their own free will, and that they were were being exploited for forced labour. You see there is no age, race, or gender boundary preventing people from becoming victims of human trafficking. I was unaware, and now I am not.
There is hope to stop this, the second fastest growing criminal activity in the world, between drugs and weapon smuggling in level of revenue.

Thats why I walked on October 14, in the Walk For Freedom. It is about the rest of us seeing that slavery and human trafficking are all around us. It shouldn’t be, and there are people bringing awareness and hope…

WE can take action by supporting the movement of organizations who are raising awareness and The A21.org Walk for Freedom was hosted by Not in My City https://www.notinmycity.ca and this organization is working to help raise our awareness of the presence of human trafficking in Calgary. I am happy to be a regular contributor through Paul Brandt’s https://www.notinmycity.ca/new-page-1 Buck Spring Foundation. By participating in the walk I learned that there is a person being trafficked in every ten blocks of the city of Calgary and that at 1200 young people are victims in Calgary. I listened to this podcast and learned how action has helped three individuals whose names were celebrated on the bandanas worn during the walk.

The A21.org is a global initiative  was created to eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. They have some great initiatives in addition to the walk, including a social enterprise that gives the opportunity for victims of human trafficking to earn income from products sold on their enterprise. For the walk I created a small fundraising page. While I recognize that the funds are $US and the Canadian tax receipt isn’t handy, sometimes participating in a global movement is a little inconvenient. Feel free to contribute to my fundraising page.

For years now my wife, Karen and I have supported IJM http://www.ijm.ca, as Freedom Partners. This successful global non-government organization works with legal teams in countries around the world to free people from bondage.

Perhaps you need to walk a little closer to home. Perhaps you know someone who is a victim of human trafficking, or you would like to help recovery. Here are links to some of the local organizations that participated in this years walk:

The Experience Church  is a downtown community that extends its Christian ministries to the spiritual needs of communities including those at risk throughout the downtown core.

Chill  Is a ministry, whose aim is to journey with individuals who have been affected by sexual exploitation. Our hope is to provide a community of safety and belonging where individuals are empowered, equipped, and educated.

Next Steps Ministries Next Step Ministries is a Christian organization delivering programs that work together to help women exit sexual exploitation and move towards a life of hope and healing.

The Joy Smith Foundation works to ensure that every Canadian man, woman and child is safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or forced labour.

If you are still reading you have joined me in this year’s walk, and like me, you are more aware. Every walk is about putting one foot in front of another. Will you join me in my stroll? Perhaps by supporting one of the organizations listed above, or perhaps in the Walk for Freedom October 20, 2018. I look forward to your company on this journey.

Thank you to Karen Ellard and Paula Fraser for editorial contributions to this post.

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She wept

“I know I shouldn’t look.”

A life’s savings in disappearing retirement funds.

Working the last weeks of a good job, no  prospects in sight.

A family happy  when times were good: torn with fear, anger, and shame.

One look at her news app today and she wept.

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Mindfulness of winter birds

Winter Birds

Curious are birds in the chilled sun of a winters morning.

No  fears of tomorrow warning.

Now this spot is a warmer stay,

Inner-self is feathers, heartbeat, and life for another day.

Original photo and words by Marcus Ellard

based upon – Matthew 6:25-27

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Man of La Mancha Ideas From an Old Knight

"Then covering himself with his shield and putting his lance in the rest, he urged Rocinante forward at full gallop and attached the nearest windmill, thrusting his lance into the sail"

“Then covering himself with his shield and putting his lance in the rest, he urged Rocinante forward at full gallop and attached the nearest windmill, thrusting his lance into the sail”

#m- I have been inhibited to express my ideas and convey my observations, despite the ideal expressed by  name of my website.
I recognize that, like many people, my path in life has led me to a very specific and yet broad experience of culture, faith, science, and humanity.

My challenge is that to express myself on any of my experiences, I am not an authority on the topic. I usually am not even capable of being singular in describing a particular point of view related to a specific topic. I have been intimidated by this, but am no longer.

I now recognize the beauty of my age, my romantic idealism, and my willingness to put on the armor and wage my fierce Quixotic battles. I have a hero in the brave knight of La Mancha, for he did not resist his engagement because not all around him could see the battle nor his cause. In living out his ideals, he triumphed in being himself. What more can I ask of myself.

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Ideas for Design, Culture, by me for us.

The name Idea me us, starts with the belief in the power of

an idea. It does not end there. We need to go further. An idea
needs to be shared, like music in a performance. With much of our
means of communications, we have learned to send, post, publish,
and Blog. We can also converse, conceptualize, and create new
realities. Ultimately, the creative concept that creates the vision
of an urban community must rise from a willingness of divided
interests uniting around common purposes and vision. Over the next
few months I will look for where this has happened, and how it
might work with the great ideas emerging in Calgary’s urban
communities. With luck, a conversation may expand to include urban
and civic planners, architects, developers, artists, social
interest groups, and others. Once the conversation is shared and
practical ideas emerge, action should follow… For now, it starts
with an idea …


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