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A journey into seven.

“I am running” Out the door with a frantic leap off the front step, across the lawn, and down the walk. An explosion of jubilation, energy, and motion. Our walk together began with grandfather watching granddaughter from a distance. Would … Continue reading

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She wept

“I know I shouldn’t look.” A life’s savings in disappearing retirement funds. Working the last weeks of a good job, no  prospects in sight. A family happy  when times were good: torn with fear, anger, and shame. One look at … Continue reading

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Mindfulness of winter birds

Curious are birds in the chilled sun of a winters morning. No  fears of tomorrow warning. Now this spot is a warmer stay, Inner-self is feathers, heartbeat, and life for another day. Original photo and words by Marcus Ellard based upon – Matthew … Continue reading

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Man of La Mancha Ideas From an Old Knight

#m- I have been inhibited to express my ideas and convey my observations, despite the ideal expressed by  name of my website. I recognize that, like many people, my path in life has led me to a very specific and … Continue reading

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