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One word changes everything… We are enthralled by the efforts some enterprising young men take to have the woman of their dreams say this word. Billions are spent by companies on sales, marketing, and PR resources to get consumers to … Continue reading

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A journey into seven.

“I am running” Out the door with a frantic leap off the front step, across the lawn, and down the walk. An explosion of jubilation, energy, and motion. Our walk together began with grandfather watching granddaughter from a distance. Would … Continue reading

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Walk for Freedom

Standing at the phone booth in the greyhound bus terminal, Vancouver BC, on a beautiful hot July afternoon. I was a sixteen but looked all of 12 years old, because of my scrawny frame and skin tanned from working for the … Continue reading

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She wept

“I know I shouldn’t look.” A life’s savings in disappearing retirement funds. Working the last weeks of a good job, no  prospects in sight. A family happy  when times were good: torn with fear, anger, and shame. One look at … Continue reading

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Mindfulness of winter birds

Curious are birds in the chilled sun of a winters morning. No  fears of tomorrow warning. Now this spot is a warmer stay, Inner-self is feathers, heartbeat, and life for another day. Original photo and words by Marcus Ellard based upon – Matthew … Continue reading

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Man of La Mancha Ideas From an Old Knight

#m- I have been inhibited to express my ideas and convey my observations, despite the ideal expressed by  name of my website. I recognize that, like many people, my path in life has led me to a very specific and … Continue reading

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Ideas for Design, Culture, by me for us.

The name Idea me us, starts with the belief in the power of an idea. It does not end there. We need to go further. An idea needs to be shared, like music in a performance. With much of our … Continue reading

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