Ideas for Design, Culture, by me for us.

The name Idea me us, starts with the belief in the power of

an idea. It does not end there. We need to go further. An idea
needs to be shared, like music in a performance. With much of our
means of communications, we have learned to send, post, publish,
and Blog. We can also converse, conceptualize, and create new
realities. Ultimately, the creative concept that creates the vision
of an urban community must rise from a willingness of divided
interests uniting around common purposes and vision. Over the next
few months I will look for where this has happened, and how it
might work with the great ideas emerging in Calgary’s urban
communities. With luck, a conversation may expand to include urban
and civic planners, architects, developers, artists, social
interest groups, and others. Once the conversation is shared and
practical ideas emerge, action should follow… For now, it starts
with an idea …


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